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Oil Paintings by Gerhard Lange currently available
Sunset South African bushfeld

 Sunset in the South African Bushveld; Oil on stretched Canvas;  Unframed,510mmx 400mm.  R3500


Cape farm landscape; Oil on stretched Canvas ,510mmx 400mm,unframed R2500

Northern Cape landscape

Northern Cape Landscape ;Oil on stretched Canvas ;760mm X 500mm; unframed, R5900.

Quiver trees in Northern Cape

Quiver trees in Northern Cape ; Oil on stretched  Canvas, unframed;  800mm x 400mm; R4900


Kudu on the run ;South African Bushveld: Oil on stretched Canvas; 800mm x 400mm; unframed ;R4900

Landscape near Calvinia

South African Karoo landscape; Oil on stretched Canvas, unframed; 900mm X 460mm; R4900

Buffalo's in Bush

Buffalo 1; Oil on stretched canvas;  framed; 960mmx 710mm;  R9600


Buffalo’s 2; Oil on canvas; framed , 960mmx 710mm;  R9600

Karoo Landscape

Karoo farm; Oil on canvas; framed 830mmx 680mm;  R5900


Farmgate; Oil on canvas; framed 610mmx 710mm; R5900

Tree lane

Neethlingshof Tree lane; Oil on Canvas, Framed

810mm x 610mm;  R6900

Namibia landscape

Namibian landscape;  Oil on canvas, Framed;  830mmx 630mm;  R4900

Tree lane

Tree lane; Oil on canvas, Framed, 770mmx 860mm; R5900


Protea’s; Oil on Canvas, Framed, 480mm x 480mm R3900


Autumn trees; Oil on Canvas;

framed 230mm x 180mm; R390

Blue farm house

African Village home - Oil on canvas, framed ; 235mm x 180mm; R 690


Farmers Rondawel kraal; Oil on canvas, Framed; 260mmx 260mm; R790

Kalahari sunset

Kalahari Sunset ; Oil on canvas ; Framed; 470mm x580mm; R 2500

flowers in Namakwa

Windmill; Oil on Canvas ;Framed;

490mm x 440mm; R1400

Buffalo in the dust; Oil on Canvas; 300mmx 300mm, Framed ; R3300

Buffalo in the dust
Kalahari landscape

Camel thorn tree in Kalahari;

Oil on Canvas; Framed;

390mmx 300mm; R 3600


Loeriesfontein Northern Cape;  wildflowers;

Oil on streched Canvas; 510mm x 400mm unframed;  R4800

Riel dancers ;Oil on stretched Canvas; 500mm x 400mm; unframed;


Reel dance
Rain in Namakwa

Rain in Namakwa; Oil on canvas; framed; 500mmx 600mm;  R4800


Baobab tree ; Oil on canvas; Framed;

460mmx 540mm; R3800

Series of African Topics; Available in pairs, 3’s or 4’s; Oil on paper; Glass protected and framed; 255mmx 255 mm; R680 each.
African nights1
African nights3
African nights 5
African nights 7
African nights 10
African Nights2
African Nights4
African Nights 6
African nights 8
African nights9
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